What makes Redi-go top sales winner for the month of June

Nissan’s low cost brand Datsun has recorded a massive 188% profit in June 2016, how awesome is this! A car that has single handedly enabled Datsun to reach commendable growth milestone is Redi-go hatchback. Within just twenty-three days’ post launch, 3,000 units of the car was sold, this is an entry level hatchback car and a fierce rival to Renault Kwid, Hyundai Eon and Maruti Alto 800 and it is sold at an attractive price rate of 2.38 lakhs for the base model.

It is interesting to read about Datsun recording a significant 188% profit in June, and a majority of this profit is contributed by Redi-go hatchback. This is a highly desired affordable hatchback, particularly for the young and effervescent demographic, and it has generated so much magic within a short span post launch. What is so exclusive about Redi-go that makes it generate noteworthy profits for the company? Let us browse through the interesting details of the car.



Datsun Redi-go is superbly attractive at first sight, and it looks like one of those typical urbane and classy hatchbacks and it bears a bold fashion statement. On the front is a creatively styled hexagonal grille that accentuates the deep sophistication value of the car, and the swept back headlights look amazing. The design of the bumpers is refreshing and the faux bash plates makes the car look bigger than what is it. Notice the cutting-edge cuts and creases that runs through the sides and extends to the boot and the illuminating tail lights heightens the super stylish demeanor of the car. The car is built on Kwid platform and it is 3428mm long and the most important aspect about the design is the tall boy image.


Step inside the Redi-go and you will notice that there is ample knee and headroom space, and the experience of getting inside and stepping out is comfortable, even for a 6-foot passenger. The black and beige décor adds high level of vibrancy to the car, and the styling of dashboard is elegant and covered in a neat beige shade. There is a powerful 1-Din music system and on the instrument console there is an efficient multi-function display and big dial for speedometer. The silver accents on cabin builds the aesthetic value of the car.

There are many storage components on the dashboard to place chargers and it also has a glovebox. The rear compartment can easily accommodate three occupants, the T(O) variant has power windows. An important point to remember is there is no ABS, and there is a driver airbag and this is the only safety component in the most loaded S variant.

Engine and Mileage:

Redi-go is equipped with a potent 800cc 3-cylinder petrol engine and it generates fierce energies of 72Nm and 53bhp and is connected to 5-speed manual gearbox. The mileage efficiency of the car is great, on highways it offers 25kmpl and on ideal city roads it gives 23kmpl.

Nissan teatro


The most loaded Datsun Redi-go has sufficient safety features to offer a safe and comfortable drive. The most loaded car has rear drum brakes and front disc brakes.

Performance and Handling:

Buyers can rely on Redi-go to explore a comfortable drive experience, it has a H-shaped torsion beam connected to double pivot arm system that effectively balances the car on any kind of terrain.


Redi-go flaunts a young looking and vivacious demeanor and it is sold in equally pulsating shades of silver, lime, grey, ruby and white.


The car is sold within a price range of Rs 2.3 to 3.34 lakhs.

Redi-go is among the most powerful profit-driving cars to launch, in no time it has transformed the market share value of Datsun to a whole new level leading to 188% profit. Now the most important question is what makes this car a sale winner during the 2016 June period. When the public gets a view of Redi-go, it is eye-catchy at first sight, it has a signature style statement contributed mainly by the hexagonal grille and cuts and creases. These factors make the car look original.

The interiors too are elegant and vibrant, there is ample knee and head room space and the quality of equipment is first rate and it has the needed amenities to enjoy a comfortable drive contributed by the presence of a good music system, multi-function display and speedometer. The power of Redi-go is admirable and it moves on an incredible mileage figures, it is certain that the car many exhilarating and powerful features, but what makes it really stand out compared to others in its segment. It can probably be attributed to the fact that the car is supremely stylish, sufficiently feature loaded, it moves on robust fuel-efficiency and it has a powerful suspension system. So many positive characteristics for a price of Rs 2.3 to 3.34 lakhs, and consumers are certainly delighted by the fact that Redi-go is just loaded with features, luxury and power for a reasonable price.

Datsun has introduced Redi-go only recently in June, and already it is a magnificent best-seller, and one can only imagine how much more of a compact the car is going to create in the coming months. This car has generated a tremendous amount of excitement in the premium hatchback market, and the most sought after rival of Redi-go is Renault Kwid, and it will be interesting to view the intense competition power of the two cars in the near future.

For people who are keen on buying the Redi-go, it is among the best cars to own, it is packed with power, exquisiteness and advanced suspension system. It is an ideal car for young college-goers and working professionals, who can easily drive all over the city without bothering too much about fuel-drainage. This is an amazing car to spend a whole day driving all over the city, so buy the Redi-go and boast of owning one of the most exquisite hatchbacks.



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