Travel spots and costs in India

India is a country of varied cultures and traditions. Each state is like a country in itself. When you visit India it is not just one country, it’s like celebrating different social, cultural and historical aspects of 9 states, which in itself is unique. For travelers, India is world’s one of the most affordable and exclusive destination too.

With its varied cultural influences, the indifference between the rural and urban places, spirituality attached with strong personalities and the food that is incomparable, India sits in the hearts of travelers. It is practically impossible for one to travel the whole of India at a go. One has to take several trips to explore different parts of India and live amongst people to understand India completely. And it’s an advantage that India is cheaper compared to most of the countries in respect of lodging, food-ing and travelling inside the country. Budget travelers fly here for their share of exploration at a very cheap cost and witness every form of beauty they want to.

TajmahalIn North: it’s the city of Delhi that has pre-independence war history and Taj Mahal (Agra) one of the seven wonders in the world; the city of Varanasi that fills the soul with spirituality and Rajasthan where the cultures are kept intact.

In south: it’s about the development and beach stories that revolve everywhere

In the east: You witness beautiful mountains and picturesque view of nature, along with traditions of Bengal and old places where pre-partition history pieces stay intact.

In the west: we have the state of Gujarat, highly influenced by spiritual knowledge about Lord Krishna and is house to many temples and villages of his time. Rann of Kutch that makes everyone wonder about the beauty of nature is also in Gujarat.

 There are several modes of travel in India; you just have to be extra cautious when it comes to choosing the cheapest option and making a pocket friendly deal.

The Flights: We all know booking flights comes cheaper when the trip is planned in advance and the tickets are booked at the earliest.

Trains: For travelling inside the country, train is a good option an India is known for its good railway network. However some routes are so busy that tickets for them have to be booked weeks in advance, for others you might just consider buying the ticket on the station.

Buses and cars: These are always available on a daily basis and connect to larger areas where even trains do not have a reach!

Hotels and lodging: Living costs in India is relatively cheaper when you plan to stay for a longer period of time. Hotels when booked in advance can be very cheap, or there are traveler hostels that provide lodging facilities, at cheap rates to tourists from all over the world. They have excellent services too.

Food: India is known for its various styles of food. You can dine-in Porsche restaurants or just choose to hover on the street style food, which are equally good and filing.

Traveling: You have to be careful in traveling around the city as public modes of travel such as auto and taxis charge higher than they should to new customers and bargaining is the key! Learn bargaining if you are in India.

For a traveler in India the daily average cost of staying inclusive of all the perks can last from a minimum of Rs. 1000 to 2000.



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