Travel and Hotel Booking: The Internet and Mobile Celebrate Opportunities Galore

Travel and Hotel Booking Sector

It is true that there are opportunities galore in travel and hotel booking using the Internet and mobile services. But, it is no less true that there are enormous challenges waiting for you in the online travel and hotel booking sector as well. It is important to understand what these challenges are so that one can take the necessary steps to overcome these. This is applicable for all travel agencies and those that are involved in the creation of travel agency software.

Internet Speeds

One of the bigger problems in the use of the Internet whether with the use of a computer or the mobile device is that of poor and uncertain Internet speeds. This is true especially of some parts of Asia and elsewhere where the speed of the network is2G or even slower. If the Internet speed is low the customer will invariably revert to the age old system of calling up and booking either the hotel or the airline directly. For this reason many owners of the travel business are creating simpler websites that allow fast loading without having to compromise on either the design of the website or the experience of the user.


The other way of getting out of this muddle is of course the introduction of 4G technology and this is already happening in several areas in Asia and elsewhere. The problem of slow Internet speeds is therefore not going to be around for long throughout the world. This will make it possible for most customers to make bookings for their hotel or travel online.

Bad Experience

In the past owing to poor experience of the travel agency and low quality of its website or applications, it is the customers who have had to suffer. Their experience would sometimes land them in hotels that were not being run well. All this is changing due to a number of reasons. The major reason is of course that the competition among travel agencies has ensured that only the more competent and efficient survives. The second reason is the system of rating of hotels by visitors has really taken off. It is not possible for a hotel to hide its status or its rating. Customers now make their own searches and compare various hotels and their individual prices besides the experience of previous visitors.

Sometimes the bad experience would be due to a lack of synchronization between the travel agency in question and either the hotel or the airline. This lack of synchronization could place the traveler in serious situations such as the unavailability of hotel accommodation on arrival despite a confirmed reservation. This used to happen earlier mainly due to poor software that failed to update on a real time basis. Today such a situation would be a rarity since the travel agency software caters for a real time scenario at all times while the same condition exists for both the airlines and hotels which are run on better software these days.

The other reason for the bad experience has been due to lack of coherence in the cancellation policies in diverse travel agencies. While there are agencies that charge a hefty cancellation fee when the ticket is cancelled there are those that are less harsh. Then there are certain travel agencies that do not allow cancellation after the lapse of a certain period of time. Some companies might ask for the cancellation of individual tickets while there are others that ask you to cancel the entire package. However, competition is sorting these issues out gradually and the better agency will need to ensure the convenience of traveler in order to stay ahead of the competition. The better agencies will offer improved and convenient methods of cancellation and the refund of the traveler’s bookings.

The Future

In the future despite the fact that the Internet will be loaded with all the information concerning travel, airlines and hotels, it will still be incumbent on the travel agency to have the facility of the personal touch. It is this factor that will help assure your customers when they speak to you since he can judge the sincerity with your approach. Customers can assess your sincerity with your mannerism and the manner in which you listen to their requirements. Hotels and airlines offer large discounts and your customers will always appreciate a good deal. However, in the future, in order to stay ahead of the race it is the standard of the mobile-friendly travel agency software that will ultimately decide the popularity of the travel agency. Such software will have to offer multiple options, be very attractive to the customer to use and be highly interactive. Besides, the agency needs to establish a good rapport with hotels and the airlines thereby ensuring a better deal for travelers and accurate real time information they can rely upon. Finally, it is the top travel agency that will always search more innovative techniques to make its site more appealing to its customer base. This makes immense sense since more and more people are now booking accommodation in hotels and air tickets online.


Martina Diaz is the Travel Industry Consultant. She is an expert in content strategy, travel technologies, social media, email marketing and more.She helps people to understand better how to implement technologies like tour operator software, travel booking software or Airlines Packaging Software in Travel industries

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