Tips to make a small bathroom better

If your bathroom is small, trying to make everything getting installed in it is like solving a crossword puzzle. There are a lot of challenges like having enough clearance for the shower, configuring the sink and toilet and space to keep towel.

If you can’t get another bathroom and desperately needed the one that you have to be remodeled then here are some useful tips for you on how to decorate a bathroom in a limited space.

Use a shower curtain: Rather than having a glass door which moves in and out, a shower curtain which can move back and forth will save some of your space and can help you install shower and toilet in that limited space. Even shower tub combos with length in 60 inches can easily fit into small space.

Install a sink in the corner: A sink can play havoc in the only available lane in a bathroom. In case space is limited placing it in the corner across the toilet is a better option as it will not come in between the shower area.

Mount the vanity: If you have a small space then bathroom remodelling can be done mounting up the vanity as it will make the floor look big and also frees up some space for items to be kept.

Make a counter over the toilet: You can put a wood or stone slab beside the sink and extending it to the edges. This space created can be helpful for keeping few needed items. With this kind of arrangement, the toilet space is also not affected.

Install a glass panel: If your bathroom is just 5 feet wide, then squeeze a bathtub alongside toilet and in-between them install a glass panel rather than glass shower door. This way you can install both bathtubs as well as the toilet.

Expand the mirror: In a tight space where every inch matters, having a mirror places across the wall rather than vanity will make it ideal for two people to use it rather than one. In these sorts of cases, each and every inch of your space helps and this way you can take the area to maximum use.

Mount the clothes and towel bar on the door: In an ideal scenario where space is an issue, mounting towel bar and clothes bar on a door is handy as you can store your towel and bulk of your clothes. Having a closet is fine but in limited space that is just not possible.

Install vanity with one shelf: In modern day with less space pedestal design is always in trend. Pedestal style vanity with one shelf can be used for holding a basket of toilet paper or towel for that matter.

The above-mentioned ways can help you make the maximum use of small little space that you have for your bathroom. You can take inspiration from malls and hotels the way they build their bathrooms. Having a good and clean bathroom is of utmost importance and neglecting about this aspect of designing is not cool. Even in small space you can dream high and remodel your bathroom installing a stylish shower or even a bathtub. If you just want to use your bathroom to take shower then build accordingly but if u want to install shower as well as the toilet then also it’s not that you will have to compromise. You can install all that you want but to make use of the limited space is ideal and the above-mentioned tips will surely help you remodel your bathroom the way you want it to be.

There are few things which need to be taken in reckoning before remodeling your bathrooms:

  1. Know the costing: Prior to start any project, it’s very important to put all your expectations into perspective so that you can have a fair idea of what your pocket allows and what is the size of investment.
  2. Plan the right height of your sink: Traditionally the countertops are around 32 to 34 inches of the ground and having that height helps you brush your teeth and wash your hands comfortably.

These are important points and should be considered before modeling your bathroom.



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