Tips On Maintenance Of Plumbing System In Your Home

Plumbing problems are a common affair in all homes even if you try hard to maintain the system. Knowing a few basic tricks can help you avoid the mess created by a plumbing system gone wrong. This system requires regular checks to ensure that it is working the way it should. Being able to detect a problem in this system at an early stage can avoid major breakdown and also expenses.

A well fit plumbing system can assist you in less consumption of water along with an improved efficiency of the pipes and faucets. Following are a few tricks for efficient plumbing by yourself:


Leaks and pipe bursts:

Keeping an eye for leaks can avoid major breakdowns of the pipes. Look for damp cabinets, leaky taps or dripping refrigerators as all this is an indication that the plumbing system requires maintenance at the earliest.

Avoiding blockages:

It is advisable not to put things in the drain that do not belong there. You can start by making sure there is no hair in the shower or the tub, as this tends to accumulate with the passing of time and block the plumbingsystem. Another factor that can cause blockages is grease, which is drained off in the sink. Vegetables left over like onion peels, potato peels or roots of cabbage and other fibrous food needs to be put in the bin. If you feel the drain is getting blocked as the waste water is not going down fast enough you can-


  • Think of opting for a plunger. However, before you make use of one it is essential to know the size and the way to use it in the right manner. In case this does not help, it is advisable to opt for professional help.
  • Another option for blocked drains is using vinegar and baking soda, which work quite efficiently.

Plumbing Maintenance of the Bathrooms:

Make sure the faucets are running well and their aerators are clean, as the moving parts of the faucets tend to wear off faster. You can tighten these or replace it, as required. If there is a low pressure of water from these faucets, it is an indication of lime deposits or sediment blocking the flow of water. You need to unscrew the aerator and getting the spray head and aerator apart you can clean the sediment by using vinegar on a small brush. After which, this can be screwed tight.

Toilet Blocks:

The toilet tanks need to be checked for any overflow and rectified immediately. Adjusting the fill valve can get the water to stop overflowing. You also need to check the mechanism of the valve of the flush by pouring a few drops of any food color in the tank. After a gap of around 10 minutes if you find that the water in the toilet bowl changes color you know that the flapper or the ball is leaking and needs replacement. You can ensure that there are fewer blockages in your bathroom by running hot water down the drain at least once a week. You can also fix strainers on showers and tubs as these can catch unwanted hair or other such items from flowing into the drain.

The above tips can avoid major plumbing problems in your home to a large extent. The plumbing system in your home should be given equal importance as the home itself, as major breakdowns are difficult to handle and there is a possibility you might not get the required professional help when you need it the most.



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