Step by Step Guide: How to Install PUBG

Player Unkown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG as it’s popularly known, has taken the world by storm. According to PUBG Corp, the addictive game has 87 million players everyday across different platforms. That’s more than 220 million players each month! The game follows the popular battle royale format, pitting all against all. You can play alone vs other players or play with a squad of friends. You can even form squads with other players before the game starts! And there are no prerequisites like needing a gaming rig or a fiber connection. I play every day on my Android phone, thanks to my trusty Frontier online deals. If you don’t already have PUBG, this blog will show you how to install it and let the madness begin!

How to Install PUBG           

One of the reasons the game is so popular is that it is available across all platforms. That includes Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Android and iOS! Basically, whatever platform you have, you can run PUBG without too much trouble. This blog explores how you can install the game on your:

  1. Android Device
  2. iOS Device
  3. Windows PC
  4. Xbox One/PS4

Let’s dive right into them so you can get started with the action right away.

Android Device

PUBG is available on Google Play and works with most Android devices. Android seems to be the platform with most players since the game is free to play. Also because Android phones are more widely used than the other platforms on this list. Installing PUBG on your Android device is very straightforward. Simply head on over to Google Play Store and search for PUBG. Download the game, run it and wait for it to automatically install. Be sure to grant the required permissions for the game to work. After installing, the game will automatically download the map, after which you’re good to go!

However, PUBG might not be available in some territories, depending on where you are. In this case, you need to either download a .apk file or find someone who already has it installed. If you go for the .apk file, you will need to download it, accepts permissions and run it to let the game install. If you choose to get the game from someone who already has it, the procedure is a bit different. Ask the person to send you the PUBG.apk file via ShareIt or a similar sharing app. Open file explorer on the sender’s phone, go to android>obb and look for the folder com.tencent.ig and send it to your phone. Install the .apk, copy the sent file in android>obb on your phone. The game should run just fine.

iOS Device

After Android, iOS devices seem to be very popular among PUBG players. If you have an iPhone, downloading and playing PUBG is very simple. Simply open the App Store, search for PUBG and download the game. That’s it. You’re ready to play, whether as a guest user or by linking your Facebook account. There is no .apk solution because iOS is by nature a secure, closed system and won’t allow you to download third-party .apks.

Windows PC

Now we come to the serious gamer’s platform of choice. There is just something intuitive about PCs that makes your gaming experience better. Most PC gamers are very competitive at PUBG and take it very seriously. There are two ways to get PUBG battle royale action on your PC. The first is to buy the game using your Steam account, downloading it and playing once it installs and updates. But there’s also another way to have all the fun without paying. Using the Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator, you can play PUBG Mobile on your PC. Download the emulator, install it and click Start. The emulator will start downloading the necessary game files, which can take a few minutes depending on your connection. The emulator will optimize the game for your PC’s specs automatically, but you can always change the configuration. That’s it. Log in using your Facebook account and begin playing right away. Winner winner, chicken dinner?

Xbox One/PS4

PUBG on Xbox One is still part of Game Preview Program. But that’s okay because the Steam version is still in Early Access. The Xbox One X enhanced version offers more graphic detail if you play on Xbox One X. The Game Preview Program means only a digital download will work. So don’t waste time buying games on Amazon or at the store. Directly buy it from Microsoft and download the 5GB file to your console. You can also get it on the Xbox Games Store.

PUBG wasn’t available on PS4 until early December 2018. You will need to purchase the PS4 edition and download it. Remember, on PS4 you need to search for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, not PUBG. Go to the games library and download the purchased version. According to Sony, the version has been beefed up for PS4 and offers enhanced graphics. This should make for some excellent chicken dinners if you’re tough enough.

There’s one last thing you need to know about PUBG. In case you’re new, like all online games, it needs an internet connection for you to play. Not necessarily blazing-fast internet, but a reliable service like Frontier internet should complement your gaming experience.



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