TheOneSpy – Best Viber Spy App to Read Viber Conversation

TheOneSpy is a cell phone monitoring and tracking app that lets you supervise the mobile phone spy use of someone else. The spy app is particularly intended for families and businesses to monitor the online and offline activities of children and workers. The cell phone tracking app comes preloaded with numerous features letting the end-user to monitor and manage the targeted mobile phone without taking it into custody. Once you install the spy software on the cell phone of your target, you can stay updated about activities performed on that cell phone device. The spy app lets you spy on popular social media and instant messaging apps. This article discusses how the spy app lets you monitor Viber instant messenger.

Viber Instant Messaging App

Viber spy app for android which is being commonly  used in different regions of the world. The application offers all features of an instant messenger including instant text messages, media file sharing, audio and video calling. The instant messenger uses the internet connection to allow the user to communicate with the people across the world. There’re numerous amount of mobile phone spy here.

The popularity of the instant messenger has attracted the bullies and predators to use the app to access and trap teen victims. They exchange sexually explicit photos and videos with the target to lure and sexually exploit them. Moreover, the app is being used by persecutors to harass and embarrass the target.

Why & How to Monitor Viber App

It is mandatory for parents to supervise the online activities of children to protect them from bullies, molesters, sex offenders, cat-fishers and scammers. They must know whom their kids are in contact with. Checking out their cell phones can help you be aware of their routines, plans and activities. However, it is not easy to repeatedly ask for their cell phones. And if you successfully get their mobile phone without letting them know, you are more probable to face a passcode or empty inbox. Your children may not feel comfortable sharing their personal stuff with you.

You must not become helicopter parents to provide protection to your children. The latest technology has provided parents with different tools to monitor children from anywhere and anytime. There are a few parental control and cell phone monitoring apps that are intended for parents to keep tabs on the cell phone activities of their children. TheOneSpy cell phone tracking app is one of them. It lets you access messages, phone calls, contacts, media files and emails of your children without taking their mobile phones into custody.

How TheOneSpy Tracks Viber

Once you install TheOneSpy monitoring app on the Android spy cell phone of your kid, you can monitor almost all activities performed on that device. You can read messages transmitted and received via monitored cell phone and monitor the entire data stored on that phone. After installation and activation on the targeted cell phone, the spy app automatically accesses the data stored on that phone. This data includes messages, call history, internet browsing history, emails, keylogs, photos, videos, voice recordings and much more. The spy app creates an online backup of this data by uploading it to the online spy account. Parents can log into the spy account and review the entire mobile data out there. When it comes to social media and instant messaging app monitoring, the cell phone spy app lets you access chats, media files, friends list and call details of your children.

Track Viber Conversations

The Viber spy app lets you access incoming and outgoing Viber messages of your children. The spyware app uploads the Viber conversations of your children to the spy account from where you can read it and get contact detail of message senders and receivers. The Viber conversation includes text messages, stickers and emoticons sent and received from individuals and groups.

Track Viber Calls

The cell phone spy app provides call logs of Viber to let you access detail of all incoming and outgoing Viber voice and video calls.

Track Viber Media

You can know what sort of photos and videos has been exchanged by your children via instant messenger. The spy app uploads all Viber media to spy account from where you can see and download it.

TheOneSpy offers numerous other features letting parents to monitor online and offline activities of children. You can know more about the app by visiting the website of TheOneSpy.



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