Oracle-Google dispute can seriously dampen the spirit of Open-source technology

The oracle-google tussle has been carefully followed up by the sympathizers and a court ruling favor of Oracle can seriously dampen the spirit of the open-source community. Open-source technologies comprising of software and services has grown rapidly in the last couple of decade and provided users more freedom and creativity than ever before. Google’s Android is loosely based on the Java which happens to be an open-source software yet Oracle has brought Google to court due to alleged patent and copyright infringement.

Oracle has alleged that Google that made use of copyrighted materials in 11,000 of the 13 million lines present in the Android source code. It wished to carve out $9 billion in the damages for the same from Google. Yesterday Larry Page was brought to the witness stand in the dispute where he faced a slew of questions and probing from the Oracle lawyers.

Legal Activity of Oracle-GoogleA brief history of Oracle-Google dispute

Java is an open-source product, which has been used by Google to build its Android operating system. It was Sun Microsystems, which made Java, and later on, Sun got purchased by the Oracle for a whopping $7.4 billion in 2010. Thereby Oracle got hold of the Java and since it has been in dispute with the Google for using the Java in an unwanted manner, which resulted in billions of loses.

Oracle is fighting against Google for the alleged patent and copyright infringement since 2010. At the earlier stages of the litigations, court ruled in favor of Google in 2012. Later on, in 2014 a federal appeals court ruled in favor stating that some parts of Java are protected by the copyright. However, Oracle went ahead to appeal against Google in Supreme Court though Google had the last laugh as Supreme Court simply refused to entertain the appeal and case was sent back to the federal court.

Page holds splendidly in the court against Oracle

Oracle lawyers drilled Page in the court but they failed to incite any comments which can help Oracle case. Page was questioned about Google’s decision to take a shot at acquiring Sun Microsystems. Page replied in an elegant fashion by saying that he was immensely frustrated over the state of mobile devices at that particular since they were on running on the Java.

When questioned about whether he knew that Google didn’t held any license to use the API’S from Sun. He replied that he doesn’t agree that Google indulged in the copying the codes. Further he elaborated that it is an industry practice to use the API headers and re-implement them in a new way. In layman terms Page believed that Google took the bits of Android code from Java but not the creative bits of codes and it is also known that everyone indulges in free grabbing some of the programming structures from other programs.

Google’s Android is shown as a ripped off from Java by Oracle

Oracle has established that Google made its Android by ripping off 37 APIs consisting of 11,000 lines of code of Java. On other hand Google has argued that API shouldn’t be treated as subject in the copyright law but so far Google has lost its footing as one of the federal court ruled in favor of Oracle. Currently the trial is only about how much money Google will end up in paying Oracle for damages caused of using the copyrighted materials from Java.



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