Mark these things in your beauty routine for long and beautiful hair

You might have thick, curly, thin or scanty hair. But you cannot control the type of hair you are born with. But there are certain things which you can add in your routine if you want to have beautiful hair. Gone are the days when only girls are concerned for their hair. In today’s world, men are also taking care of their hair. So today we are mentioning some of the useful tips and tricks for hair carefor both men and women. These little things will provide healthy life to your hair and make them look beautiful as well.

Get to roots

Taking care of the roots of your hair is the best way of making your hair healthy and shiny. The weak roots are the major reason for the loss of hair during the shower or the hair wash. You can take care of the roots by piling them regularly and keeping the scalp healthy. A healthy scalp ensures healthy hair. The tips won’t have split ends. Giving good care to the roots comes a long way and you will feel the difference soon.

Good shampoo

The type of products which we are using on our hairs plays an important part in the health of the hair. You should know the skin type of your scalp and choose shampoos and conditioner as per the hair type. There are so many types of shampoos which are available in the market. You can go natural while choosing the shampoo as nothing will be best than having nature touch on the hair and scalp. You can also use ketomac shampoo hair loss and get your hair thick and long.

Eat healthy

Everything which we eat is reflected on our body and same is in the case of hair. Try to eat the foods which are rich in biotin and zinc. Both the things are found in iron-rich foods such as spinach, kale, and tofu. Another thing which helps in the growth of hair is protein. Add more eggs, nuts, and whole grain in your diet to get a lot of protein. Eating right is very much important if you want your hair to grow faster and avoid the hair loss.


A hot iron bar is like the enemy for the hair, but for the styling purpose, we sometimes straight our hair, and someday we want all those beautiful curls. Someday we want our hair to be whole black and other days, we want to color our hair. All these things deeply impact the health of the hair. You need to take care of your hair and use the good styling products on the hair. If you are going to color your hair, follow the proper nourishment routine for the healthy hair.

After all, silky and smooth hair adds starts to our personality. So treat them right and with care.



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