Lasik: Success Stories, Pre and Post Surgery Tips

Are you thinking of undergoing laser eye surgery? If you are suffering from myopia, then this is indeed a good choice, and your vision may improve.  The success rates for the surgery are quite high, but in very rare cases, complications can occur if you don’t follow pre and post surgery care tips or if you are not the right candidate.

Gone are the days when laser eyes surgeries were complex, and you were required to keep your eyes and head absolutely still. Today, even if they move, the laser moves with them.  The process is so quick, 10 minutes at the most, and you are done. And no, laser doesn’t burn your eyes.

Lasik surgery

Generally, Lasik eye surgeons first assess your eyes and health condition, and ensure you are the right candidate for the process. They then provide you instructions, which you must follow at all costs. We’ll first share some success stories with you, and then discuss pre and post surgery care.

Celebrity Success

Jessica Hart, a successful Australian model, underwent laser eye surgery when she was 29 years old. She shared details of the surgery on her Instagram account, and even posted pictures in which she was wearing protective glasses. Since then, Hart loves being able to see clearly without any glasses or contacts.

Brad Pitt and Kim Kardashian are other famous celebrities who have had Lasik performed, and now enjoy a 20/20 vision.

Other Successes

Ash Kyd was completely frustrated with his glasses because they often got dirty, fogged up, or fell down. For him, this was quite a pain, especially when working out.  So he consulted his eye doctor, and got himself scheduled for an evaluation session.  The doctor assessed his eyes, and then performed surgery at a later time. During the process, Kyd didn’t feel any pain.  When it was finished, he was surprised to notice instant differences. His eyes did feel scratchy in the beginning, but the prescribed drops from his surgeon and some sleep helped him find relief.

methods of Lasik

Gavin Fernando also chose laser eye surgery, and enjoyed success, finding the entire process to be similar to a science fiction movie. Fernando found the part, where the suction instrument is applied to be a bit uncomfortable, but other than that, it was all good.

Pre-surgery Tips

  1. Avoid wearing contact lenses before the operation, and stick to your glasses instead.
  2. Don’t put on any eye makeup, lotions or creams near or around your eyes.
  3. Ensure that the area around your eyes is absolutely clean.

Post Process Care

  1. Perform limited activities the first two days after the surgery. Don’t drive, exercise or play any sport. Avoid any activity which involves movement of your head so as to prevent the cornea flap from dislodging.
  2. Ensure that you don’t rub your eyes for at least a week.
  3. Make sure that no water enters your eyes. If you want to clean your eyes, do it with a saline solution.


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