Is pain drug linked to birth defects?

While prescribing pills for anxiety disorders and other forms of established pains, doctors sometimes don’t tell us about the side effects that could take place in the long run. It isn’t essentially a fault of doctors because before any long term scenario would arise, the medicine is usually stopped and so doctors don’t prefer to scare patients with something that shall not be required.

But when we look closer to studies conducted by different chambers of medical association, there has been significant amount of research establishing the fact that some pills that are prescribed for treating anxiety, epilepsy or other Neuro issues are contributors to increased risk of defects in giving birth to a child.

A Man Take MedicinesAccording to a recent journal published by American Academy of Neurology, it has been established that Pregabalin (Lyrica) a medicine which is used to treat nerve pain and anxiety disorders have significant risk of having babies with birth defects when taken by women during their pregnancy. The study was conducted amongst a number of women who had taken the medicine during the first trimester of their pregnancy.

The drug Pregabalin comes with a label noted that it is not recommended to be taken by women during pregnancy. But with the rising graph of women having unplanned pregnancies, would not be aware of the fact that they are exposing their fetus to an increased risk during the most vital days of pregnancy. The babies are exposed to this drug long before the mother’s know if they are pregnant. The study also revealed that about 77 percent of the women had been on the medicine before they knew of their pregnancy.

Pregabalin or Lyrica is used by neurologists to treat epilepsy, pain of diabetic neuropathy, fibromyalgia, seizures, anxiety disorders and pain after shingles. The drug is often prescribed off-level to patients with anxiety-disorders and depression. The underlying fact still remains that if the women had known of the risks involved with the medicine, they would have been more cautious of planning or unplanned circumstances and the risk could have been lowered. But the caution does not find mention in the prescriptions generally.

Neuro medicines are generally devised in a way to bring down depression levels and anxiety issues and curing the root of nerve issues. That increases concern for others who have been taking anti-depressants without even reaching out to their doctors. The study is still continuing more research on the facts and bringing out more detailed study into it.

The point raised after the journal got published was that, people should be made aware of prescribed medicines and its possible results in all circumstances when it comes to women and children. Even the women who are of the age of planning babies are also to be taken into consideration while clarifying the possible outcomes of the medicines prescribed. Not only does the medicine needs to have a label of proved side-effects that may occur, but the possible effects should find mention in the prescriptions as well for a proper knowledge of both women and children.



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