How to setup a virtual office business ?

Virtual office; it’s a term that small business owners across Britain are probably familiar with, but don’t actually know what it means. With that in mind let’s take a look at the virtual office address and how one can help a business operate efficiently.

What is a virtual office address?

Quite simply, it’s an address that a business owner has permission to use as their mailing address. They can then put this address on company literature such as stationery, website – vehicles even. When mail is delivered to the address it’s then forwarded to the address of the business owner’s choosing.

It shouldn’t be confused with a limited company’s registered office (the official address of a company). Just because a virtual office provider is happy for you to use their address as your mailing address doesn’t mean that you can also use it as a registered office, so it’s worth checking beforehand if you do want to use your virtual office address as your company’s registered office.

Virtual Office

As well as a mail forwarding option, some virtual office providers offer a telephone answering service whereby you’re allocated a phone number for your business, then when calls come they are treated one of the following ways:

  • Answered in your company name, a message is then taken and then emailed to you
  • Answered in your company name and then forwarded onto you
  • Diverted straight through to you

That’s what a virtual office is, What are the virtual office benefits?

Privacy protection :-

By using a low cost virtual office you can keep your own address off of company literature, therefore protecting it from becoming public knowledge.

Great impression :-

Virtual office address providers are often based in locations associated with a thriving business scene. They therefore add an aspect of prestige to companies that use their address.

Ease :-

Virtual offices are typically manned Monday-Friday, 9-5 – making them ideal for people who receive mail and parcels that require a signature. No more arranging redeliveries or mornings spent at the post office!

How to setup a Virtual Office

It really is very simple. Find a virtual office address provider who offer a package and location that’s attractive to you and your business. Once you’ve signed up you then need to let the company know:

  • How you would like your mail handled (posted on, held for collection)
  • If mail is being posted on, where you would like it posted on to
  • How you would like your phone calls to be taken (diverted, patched through, answered in your company name

That’s it… how to setup a Virtual Office business and the Key Benefits of Virtual Offices. We hope you’ve found this post helpful.



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