How to Find the Best Deal on a Used Car

A car may be one of the most expensive purchases you make – outside of your home, of course. Getting a good deal can help you save a few thousand dollars, if you’re lucky. Buying a used car is the best way to save as much as you can while still getting a reliable vehicle.

You may be able to save a little by going to a used car dealership, but if you really want to maximize your savings, here are a few places you should look:

Shop the Classifieds

The classifieds are a huge marketplace for used cars, no matter where you live. Of course, the bigger the metro area where you live, the bigger and more diverse your options will be. The classifieds also put you in touch with individual owners, many of whom just want to sell their vehicles quickly so they can pocket some extra cash or move on to buying their next car. Prices will already be lower than at a dealership, and you’ll have more leverage to negotiate for even less.


Go to Car Auctions

Many cars are seized by banks or in criminal proceedings and sold at auctions. Some dealerships sell their overstock at auctions, as well. Attending these auctions is an excellent way to get a bargain on a used car – if you are lucky enough to be able to attend. Many of these auctions are not advertised to the public, and many aren’t even open to the public. You’ll have to do your research to find auctions in your area and get an in.

Check Street Corners

It’s not a precise strategy, but keeping an eye out on street corners can help you find cars for sale by individual owners. These are people who don’t even want to invest in advertising the sale, so they are likely interested in getting rid of the car as quickly as possible. You will have a lot of leverage to negotiate. You’ll also be more likely to find vintage or rare cars this way.

A car purchase is too important to just go to a dealership and pick one out. By shopping for a used car, you will already have access to lower prices. By using these tips, you can get an even lower price on a car you’ll love.



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