How to Effectively Clean The Kitchen Sponge

The kitchen is one of the places in the home that has items filled with dangerous bacteria that can cause a permanent harm to your health. That is because you bring all kinds of food there including meat. If you do not use the right cleaning products, the bacteria in the kitchen will only spread from one item to another. Read the tips that my precise plumbing Mississauga is about to give you, if you want to have a clean kitchen, bacteria free.

Kitchen sponges are one of the items that are exposed to dangerous bacteria. So, most of you think that cleaning the sponge with a detergent and a hot water will be enough to remove the bacteria from it. Sadly, it is a mistake. Water is just not enough for some types of bacteria to be destroyed. You will need a lot more than that to make it safe to use again.


People who are aware of this problem throw the sponges away after every washing. Which means that they use a new sponge every day. Is this the right way to do that, or is just a waste of money? There is no need to do that. You are not supposed to throw your money away on new sponges every day even if they are not very expensive. There is another effective way to completely clean the sponge and reuse it to wash your dishes.

How to dangerous bacteria get to sponges?

While washing the dishes, the food pieces stick to the sponge and you just leave it like that for a day or two. This is a great place for bacteria to reproduce because they have food and a good temperature. Just what they need. So, good job you created a perfect place for bacteria to reproduce in your home. Bacteria that can be very dangerous such as Escherichia coli, salmonella and many other types. So, when you wash your dishes with the same sponge the next day you will be wondering how you got intestinal problems or skin infections that can actually get very serious. So, get to the effective way of cleaning your sponge and make it ready to be used over and over again.

Here is what you need to do:

Mix water and bleaching product in a 9:2. Put the sponge in the solution and let it stay for one minute. Before you remove it from the solution put on rubber gloves. After that, rinse the sponge under cold water for a minute. Ta – da, you have a clean sponge free of bacteria that is ready to be used again. Simple as that. You will only need five minutes every day to protect yourself from dangerous bacteria. In case you are not sure if the sponge got cleaned, repeat the process again until it does not have any food pieces. Remember to wash it good with water.



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