How to Bake the Perfect Cake

Do all your attempts to bake a cake at home end in disaster? Are you in the habit of adding this and that in the process of baking? The point to remember is that baking is both an art and a science: it doesn’t take too lightly to experimentation. So you must follow some necessary guidelineswhile you attempt to bake. When you want to bake and send cakes delivery to a loved one, you cannot afford to ignore the following time tested tips to bake the perfect cake:

  • Choose a good recipe: Ultimately the cake you bake will be as good as only the recipe you use. So choose recipe garnered from reliable sources. Many online recipes are ones that have not been tried out, so beware.

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  • Assemble all ingredients: After you have chosen a recipe, assemble all the ingredients before starting the baking process. It is verydisheartening when you are halfway into the baking and realize that you have run out of say, butter, milk or eggs.
  • Get ingredients at room temperature: It is crucial to get ingredientsin room temperature, especially butter and eggs. Butter taken out of the fridge will not cream easily and cold eggs will curdle the cake batter.

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  • Keep a digital scale: Measuring cups can be used but they are not reliable. There are chances for error when measuring cups are used, so it is better to use a digital scale. Avoid using both metric and imperial measurements and stick to either one.
  • First whisk dry ingredients: The dry ingredients must be whisked together in a bowl prior to adding wet ingredients. Doing this will ensure that items like baking powder and salt are spread evenly throughout the batter.
  • Use a tin of the size prescribed in the recipe and do proper lining: Stick to a tin of the size mentioned in the recipe. For lining, it is good to use baking parchment paper since it is non-stick. Another option is to use softened butter dusted with flour, spread throughout the tin. But too much butter or oil can fry the cake. For baking a cake that takes a long time, it is good to wrap the tin’s outside using brown paper to prevent edges from burning.

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  • Do not mix your batter excessively: Mix all ingredients till batter is slightly combined unless it is specified otherwise. A batter which is over mixed can end up in a cake that is too tough.
  • Aerate cake as much as possible: Cream sugar and butter till the mix is light in colour and texture. This enhances volume and air of the cake, providing a light effect. Sift all ingredients including flour and use a large balloon whisk for folding the mixture.
  • Put in oven: The raisingagentsstart working as quickly as when they come into contact with wet ingredients, so put the batter straight into the oven without any delay.
  • Baking: Bake cake inside the middle of the oven. Cool for a few minutes in the tin and afterwards on a wire rack.

These are some tips to bake the perfect cake.Send a cake that you have baked to a loved one with total confidence that she or he will love it.



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