How teenagers are getting affected by the social media on the emotional level

The popularity of social media has grown in such a way in the recent times that almost every teenager is present online. This not just causes immense strain on their ability to remain active but it also affects in the negative way. Social media affects the teenagers in a number of way which includes causing of anxiety and depression, sleep disorder, illogical comparison of one’s life with others and idea of seeking comfort on social media platform.

The risk of anxiety and depression

Social media is open 24*7 which means people are active at every point of time. Most of the teenagers spend a quality time on the social media which seriously affect their day to day chores. Not being able to remain available 24*7 causes serious pressure upon the teenagers and it has been found not being able to available when exciting happening on the social media causes unwanted backlash. Teenagers don’t like missing on things happening on the social media and the one who does slowly get alienated. A large percentage of teenagers are emotionally invested in the social media which make remain awake late in the night as well as on log on as soon as they are awake which leads to the risk of anxiety and depression.

Sleep disorder

It is a known scientific fact that teenagers require more sleep than the adult in order to get proper growing nourishment. Due to the need to remain online 24*7 teenagers tend to remain awake for a longer period of time during night and has to constantly check the notification during the day. Researches has shown repeatedly that teenagers are losing sleep a continuously they average just around 7.5 hours sleep time when they should be getting sleep in the vicinity of 9.5 hours. Lack of sleep not just causes acute sleep disorder over time but also results affects their mentality in the wrong fashion. They tend to be more lethargic, tired, depressed and irritable as well.

Social Media AddictsIdea to seek comfort on social media

Another major change in the behavioral attitude of the teenagers reflects to the fact that they had started seeking comfort on social media. Whenever teenagers are ‘worried’ or going through a ‘sad phase’ in life, they tend de-stress themselves by releasing their emotions on the social media. A recent survey has shown that girls are likely to share their emotional turmoil on the social media than the boys in order to seek comfort.

Comparing one’s life with others

Social media most often represents a highly idealized version of one’s life and things centering on it. It is far cry from the reality and rather brings a highly pompous version of the life. This brings a dangerous and inflictive behavior among the teenagers i.e. comparing one’s life with the others. When one is going through a tough time or day then getting to that people is leading an exciting and carefree life on the newsfeed tends to make one question about one’s own life. This leads to affect one’s mood and mentality in the ‘negative’ fashion, which can have serious implications in the long run.



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