How Social Media Dating App Dangers for Your Teens?

Love used to be a sacred sentiment in good times, however now-a-days internet generation has drifted apart from the actual love. They find their partners through dating apps and their ideal matches through matrimonial sites. Even though this does not sound to be dangerous, in reality it is. When teenagers get their own mobile phone they are compelled out of their desire to be with someone. And dating apps provide this platform to them. This whole scenario has resulted in many criminal activities which victimize teens and even kids. Here are a few horrendous results of these online dating platforms:

  • Sexual assaults

The worst nightmare parents can think of is their kid getting physically or sexually assaulted. Researches have already depicted that teens who share their information on dating apps are trapped by these assaulters. The attackers might have made fake profiles to allure the teenager and most of the times they succeed in doing so. Parents should consider this situation critically so that their kids are always protected. BlurSpy mobile tracker can reduce this type of cases massively. It gives the whole control in parent’s hands. This incredible phone spy software will be your major deterrent tool in protecting your teenager from the traps of virtual realm.

  • Pedophiliacs prevalence

As we know that dating sites/apps are used mainly by kids/teens, this fact grabs the attention of pedophiliacs to attack the naïve souls. They trap them by sharing and demanding for explicit content and if they succeed in meeting your kids personally, it can be disastrous. These molesters know no limits! But you will have to define these limits to your children. Make them realize about the dangers they may face while going out with strangers. If they do not listen, we have got a way out for you! BlurSpy cell phone tracking software give you a thorough knowhow about your kid’s contact lists and his plans. This remarkable app can be used for tracking an, android, blackberry, windows and what not. You can fearlessly hand your kid his new mobile/tablet because he will not be able to hide anything from you anymore.

  • Blackmailing

These dating apps require personal information before verifying your account, most important of this info is pictures. Tech smart people can manipulate these pictures to blackmail your child. Which can leave disturbing impacts on your child’s mental health. But don’t worry anymore, because BlurSpy Android monitoring software is an astonishing solution just one click away from you. You can ensure your kid’s safety with this best spy app which is accurate and pocket friendly at the same time.

  • Depression

These hook-up apps are not only dangerous for your kid’s privacy and integrity; rather they affect his/her mental health too. Inferiority complex starts when kids see others who are good-looking or well settled than they are. People post best commodities and pictures on these apps, which is not suitable for your teenager. A great solution which parents have got to prevent these situations is mobile tracking which gives the command in parent’s hands.  BlurSpy phone spy app makes you the boss in your kid’s life, where you can control everything and protect him from all the negativity present out there.

  • Cyber harassment

Predators are present everywhere who are always aiming for their targets. Kids using dating apps/sites are their primary targets because they are most vulnerable. The person whom your kid is talking to might be looking splendid from outside, however many of them turn out to be harassers and bullies who demand inappropriate things from kids. Being a parent you must consider these threats seriously and should plan a step ahead. BlurSpy monitoring app emphasizes immensely on protection of your kid and that too in a convenient way. You can rely on this all-in-one phone spy software and your worries will fade away instantly.



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