Hassle-free Thailand Trip: Come let’s be Adventurous and do some island hopping

Thailand is a southeast Asian country which is known for its beaches, temples, royal palaces and ancient ruins, rejuvenating spa and the famous mouth watering Thai cuisine. The temples are famous as they display carnations of Buddha which are old and traditional. As it attracts a large number of tourists every year, it has luxurious resorts and water sports at the beach. Thailand trip booked is a must have in one’s life especially for people who are beach bums and want to seek relaxing and enjoyable moments in the most leisurely manner. You can go for Thailand Tour Packages as they often come up with great offers and discounts.

Famous Bhudha temple

Because of which we thought of guiding you throughout the process of making lists and then packing the essentials one by one until you finally leave for the airport. These tips will ensure you have a safe and hassle-free time in Thailand.

Do not forget to pack scarves and stoles:-

as even after applying sunscreens you need to protect your skin from dust and what about your head that doesn’t needs as much heat as it will get if you don’t cover it while you are enjoying your temple visits. Also, your beach hats as that’s the only place where searching for some shade/shelter is stupidity. A stylish hat or scarf that matches your outfit makes sure you look dope. Guess what one should cover his or her head before entering a temple so in that case scarf or stole is a must

International roaming plans:-

Make sure you have activated international roaming plans on your SIM card or you can simply buy a local SIM card that you can easily buy from the airport itself. The same applies for your debit/credit card that it should have access to international withdrawals and always keep cash handy a minimum of 500-1000 baht per person.

Keep the hotel vouchers and other important documents handy:-

Once you have landed in Thailand, keep the vouchers of your hotel handy, if you have booked Thailand Tour Packages for a private transfer you will always find your cab ready at whichever time you arrive. Just in case you still want to confirm your driver’s status of his arrival time or at which gate you want him to come to, just make a call to your agent. With the tour packages, they will make sure the hotel you have booked arranges special services if you are here for a honeymoon.

As you know you need to apply for a visa, for which you need 2 passport size photos and always check if your passport has at least one blank page which remains valid for another six months. While you roam around the streets or malls or any other tourist spots always carry a scanned and hard copy of your travel documents with you. Along with your passport and other documents what lies important is your agents number.

Avoid isolated areas if you are alone:-

If you are travelling alone then be careful while you travel to places that are less crowded, it is better you don’t go to isolated beach area as chances are that you will get mugged.

Don’t forget to bargain:-

Take a walk in the entire market asking rates of different items you like in every other shop you see and then buy from the one you find cheap. Keep cash in different areas or pockets while carrying them to market as you cannot look for shops who accept card payments.

Other essential things that you should keep in mind:-

While you are hiring a car rental and they ask for your passport for validation purpose and doesn’t accept any other document or scanned copy then leave it immediately and look for some other car that can be hired on rent.

Do not forget to register yourself in your country’s embassy before you leave for Thailand as only then your country can manage to rescue you just in case a disaster takes place.

The local food of Thailand is cheaper and always look for food in places that are tourist free to enjoy delicious meals at reasonable prices. If you are looking forward to trying a new dish, make sure to know what kind of ingredients they use before placing an order and never use a fork in Thailand.

Have fun and have a pleasant stay at the most exciting location that has so much to offer and look forward to.



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