Five Ways to get jobs in the Philippines

Over the past few years, Philippines has been playing a very catch-up strategy and now it has become of the leading economies within ASEAN. Being the commercial hub, this nation provides plenty of  job opportunities to job seekers, fresher, and experienced candidates.

As soon as you graduate from a university or colleges, the next step is to find a suitable job. At that time your aim is to apply for as many jobs as possible. It’s the wish of everyone to not stay for a long time without a job. So, there are many resources which can help you in finding a new job. Let discuss them one by one.

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The five most popular and effective ways to find jobs vacancies in the Philippines are through the following.

  • Friends and Word of Mouth:

Your first step in finding a job should is to be open about your desire of getting a job. In this regard, you can take help from your friends, family members, relatives etc. you may also share. Speak to your mind to the people who belong to this niche. Do you have friends in this position? It would be a great help to you. Even if you don’t know anyone in such position, your friend and other people may have such connections. If you get right information through word of mouth, then it would be easy for you to approach in that direction.

  • Job Centre:

The next step is to visit a local Job Centre. There are many job centers in the Philippines and at least one in the local area.  You will find people you are willing to help you in your job search. They have resources that will help you on this journey. Actually, they have the database of employers who advertise job vacancies through this Job Centre on regular basis.

  • Recruitment Agencies:

This is highly advised to get you registered with as many recruitment agencies as possible. Especially with the one who deals with the various job vacancies as per your specific needs. Once you will get registered with these recruitment agencies, sometimes you have to undergo with aptitude test or some sort of test depending upon your job niche.  Always make your good rapport with these consultancies because it will help them to remember you better.

  • Newspapers:

In the Philippines, there is some newspaper with a particular niche which has job vacancies advertisements. You can also buy magazine and brochures which publish various job vacancies. The Manila Times, The Daily Tribune etc. are some of the popular newspaper which you can use to get updated with the various job vacancies. Look at them on every day in order to find the job that best suited for you.

  • Online Job Searching Portal:

In today’s world, the internet is the huge source of information. There are various jobs searching portal which will let you know about the job vacancies in various firms. You can create your profile there. Upload your updated resume. The employer will see your profile and if shortlisted then they will get in touch with you very shortly. In this concern, Monster Philippines connects job seekers with relevant jobs so they can build a meaningful career. To know more about job vacancies, you’re the visit their portal.

In short, getting a job as per your skill and qualifications become easier now. Instead of stressing yourself, try and figure out the jobs as per your choice.



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