Effective Email Marketing Strategy every Businessman should know

Email marketing refers to the practice of reaching out to new leads and customers through email. The goal here is to fill their email inboxes with a number of company advertisements. These are sent at regular time intervals (say once a month). And they are (ideally) crafted in such a way that they prove irresistible for their recipients. As an email marketer, I have conducted such campaigns for AT&T Whiz and the frontier service. These ISP projects weren’t faring well before I came on board. But thanks to email promotions, they are now literally trampling the competition.

Before I go into a lot of detail regarding email marketing, you first need to appreciate the field for what it is. More precisely, you need to understand how marketing is central to the life of a business.


 On the Need for Good Marketing

Companies depend on good marketing to build popular brand awareness. Without this, their customers would have no way of knowing what they’re selling. And so nobody would show up at their retail outlets to make a purchase. Or order online.

Digital Marketing is the latest customer outreach & research avenue for many businesses. The internet promises unprecedented numbers of potential consumers. People just waiting to be ‘touched’ by a brand’s messaging.

Social media marketing and email marketing form two cornerstones of the digital marketing revolution. And they’re here to stay. Because their many advantages greatly outweigh any concerns about costs. Which, when compared with other digital promotional mediums, are not that much.

In fact, they’re miniscule. In every sense of the word.

An Effective Email Marketing Strategy to Know

In my own workplace practice, I’ve dealt with a number of email marketing strategies across the years. I like to divide them into two categories. Those that are of:

  • Short Term
  • Long Term


To understand and work them properly, you need to be creative.

Short term email strategies focus on generating quick customer engagement. They are usually carried out over a period of only a few months.


Short & Long Term Email Outreach

In this variant of email marketing, the ads are pretty simple. Using only a few words, they explain the offered product & service in detail. They have a conversational tone, which aims to make the reader comfortable. So that he (or she) goes on to click the ‘purchase’ button spontaneously. As if it were something natural to do.

Long-term strategies, however, focus more on building brand loyalty. They include ads that are both promotional as well as informative. With the aim of educating the consumer, so as to encourage future product & service line sales.

In many ways, they try to ‘create’ consumer demand in a legitimate way. So that the customer doesn’t feel that he is buying a luxury item. But something out of necessity. Against the backdrop of culture. The source from where everything springs, actually.

 Building on Consumer Preferences

On a daily basis, there is one email marketing tactic that I follow more than others. This has a lot to do with studying consumer preferences accurately.

There become obvious if you’re what I like to call a social media ‘trends auditor’. When you regularly keep a check on what people are talking about and searching on:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • YouTube

you can gain a very good idea about demand.

If there is a lot of talk about a particular product, can you cash in on it? Also, if there isn’t a market for it yet, can you create one?

There are some of the questions that you then need to answer.

By going through social media circles and gossip, you can also get some clue about people’s problems. This is especially useful if it’s your product or service being discussed. You get to understand the areas where it may be lacking. And where you need to introduce some much-needed improvement. No company wants to lose its existing customers. So this lets you take preemptive action quickly.

Before it’s too late.

In My Experience…

I’ve learned to take product/service complaints in their stride. These can be the resource that provides a lot of free advice. About the avenues in which your brand should expand next.

Businesses are mainly concerned with making profits. And so you, as a marketer, really can’t afford to lose track of public opinion. The minute you notice any ‘change’ in the air, that is the time to act. If you are quick, you can tailor your email marketing campaign well. In a way which does not lose customers.

But rather attracts more.

A few years ago, I took up a Frontier FiOS Internet contract. My job was to promote this initiative as far & wide as possible, within the country. And in time, I got lucky enough to manage this feat. The number of subscribers jumped up from a mere 139, 000 in the state of Michigan to an impressive 250, 000. Within the span of only four months. Last I checked the company’s official stats, this figure is still climbing up.

And I couldn’t be happier!




Adam smith has been working with blogger for four years, Completed Bachelor Of Engineering in 2013, Technology addict much interested to writing about recent tech news, Adam can be followed on social media at @itsme_adamsmith, +Adam smith and Facebook.

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