Did you know these amazing facts about Varanasi?

Varanasi, known also as Banaras or Kashi, is one of the biggest centres of pilgrimage for the Hindus. It is sometimes called the Religious Capital or India or the City of Temples. All throughout the year, the city attracts lots of pilgrims. The countless universities, Ghats and temples have made this place a big tourist spot. Owing to the large number of tourists, the hotels in Varanasi have also increased in number. Here are some facts you may not have know.

Famous temple city

  • This very sacred place, which nestles on the banks of the Ganges, is said to be the world’s oldest living city. This is also where God Shiva and Goddess Parvati spent many years of their lives. They say that those who die here will receive salvation for sure.
  • The city has been a centre of civilizations for over 30,000 years. Mark Twain had described the city saying it is older than history, than tradition and even the legend who found it.
  • This city has numerous temples that are dedicated to both Vaishnavism and Shivaism. Both of these Hindu variations co-exist in Varanasi with harmony. The place is also an important city for Jains because Parsavnath, the twenty third of the Tirthankaras, was born here.
  • It is no doubt that it is a major Hindu pilgrimage. But the place is an equally important centre for learning. The largest university of Asia, the Banaras Hindu University, is here.
  • Plus, it is also a popular centre of trade and commerce. Baranasi silk, silver and gold brocades, etc. are all exported from here.
  • The city is home to many literary geniuses like Tulsi Das, MunshiPrem Chand, and the like.
  • The city is also associated with the ancient sciences of Yoga and ayurveda. MaharashiPatanjali, the founded of these sciences, has strong connection with this holy city.
  • It is also the birth city of celebrated dancers, musicians and artists, including India’s very favorite Ravi Shankar and Ustad Bismillah Khan.
  • A number of Bollywood films have been shot here. Travel shows of around the world have showed Varanasi a number of times. To name a recent movie, Ranjhaana was shot here.
  • An unbelievable and very strange custom practiced in the city is the marriage of frogs. This is practiced at the AshwamedhaGhat in the rainy season. The priest performs all the wedding rituals and once done, the couples are let to disappear in the ghat.
  • The city is a living symbol of the Hindu renaissance –housing its knowledge, culture, philosophy, art and devotion.
  • Named after the confluence of two meeting rivers, namely Varuna and asi, it is the holiest tirthas. The city is simply quintessential India.
  • In the evening, Varanasi looks extremely beautiful with the diyas lit around all the ghats. And, in the background, you can constantly here the mandir bells playing.

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