5 Gorgeous Unexplored Places in Andhra Pradesh You Must See

Many spots in Andhra Pradesh don’t make up to any of the Andhra Pradesh tour packages. It is due to the location of these destinations. Any famous tourist attraction nearby would drain all the attention to this place. This article talks about top five most unexplored wonderful places that you ought to add to your Andhra Pradesh tour.


Gandhikota is a small village that is located in Kadapa. The place is located on the banks of River Pennar. It is also called as the Grand Canyon of India. The place is famous for adventure activities like trekking. The main reason for the place to be left unexplored is lack of transportation. The closest railway station is located 26 km away. You need to hire a bus to reach Old Bus Stand at Gandhi Statue Junction and walk to the canyon. The downhill trek from the canyon to the river is an exciting adventure of this spot.

Araku Valley

Araku is a small hill station in Andhra Pradesh. Though it is famous among the local people of the state, the other hill stations in South India pulls all the tourists away from smaller hill stations. It is famous for coffee plantation and famous for the mountain ranges. The railway route to Araku is a scenic travel. There are a lot of places for trekking, strolling and others. This valley is located in Vishakapatnam district. If you are looking for a hill station destination in a budget price, this is the best spot.

Papi Hills

It is another unexplored gem in Andhra Pradesh. It is located in West Godavari district. It is basically a gorge which is famous for boat trips. The place is romantic and scenic. A boat trip from Kunavaram to the hills is the most interesting one of all. There are a lot of other boat routes too. Kunavaram is the shortest of all and the most opted one. Other routes include Rajahmundry and Bhadrachalam. Due to lack of variety of tourist attraction, this gorgeous place has lost its track in many Andhra Pradesh tour packages. Kunavarm is located 351 km from Hyderabad. Papi hills can be reached only by local boats.

Belum Caves

Despite being one of the largest and the longest cave in the country, the place does not have a lot of tourist foot print. The deepest point of the cave is 46m from the entrance level. It is the second largest cave in India. There are indications of monks who lived in the caves, many centuries ago. There are relics, vessels and other items used by the monks that are found in the cave. You can find a Buddha statue near the cave. If you want to feel like Indiana Jones, you ought to visit the cave. Top attractions inside the cave is Kotillingalur chamber, Patalaganga, meditation hall, musical chamber, thousand hoods, banyan tree hall, mandapam and others. Only by 2003, the government took measures to promote tourism in this region. The nearest railway station is located 30 km away from the caves. From the railway station, you can hire a bus to the caves.



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