5 common SEO mistakes that you might be committing

SEO marketing is one of the most impactful strategies for generating massive traffic on a website. I am sure many of you must have started working upon search engine optimization, that’s great. A business owner must acknowledge the complexity involved in the workplace. Especially nowadays, when so many brands are out there competing to get web traffic on their site. In order to stand such competition, one must ensure that there are no SEO mistakes committed. In this article, you will get to know about some of these SEO mistakes that people often commit.

1. Incorrect Keyword Use

Keywords are and will always be a very important aspect of SEO. Your business sites are easily analyzed by Google crawlers and the content is easily interpreted when you use right keywords. A lot of business owners aren’t able to use correct keywords, this ends up ranking their site on various wrong keywords that lead to no results. Lack of keyword research leads to such results. Therefore, one should never skip this process. Tools like Google Keyword Planner help to do the keyword research.

2. Missing out on Mobile Optimization

We are all living in a space where maximum people have access to a mobile phone more than any other gadget. Even Google has made it clear that mobile optimization is an important factor in ranking. People who have ignored it for a long time are now seriously focused upon mobile optimization. For ranking in the SERPs, mobile optimization is a necessity. A common question that many of you might have now is how to achieve that? No worries! Because there are several online tutorials on it. You just need to put constant efforts on it and it can move your website to the next level.

3. Ignoring the power of Images

Visuals have a very long-lasting impact on readers minds. Therefore, images help to enhance the SEO of pages along with the viewership of an article. But, not any visual looks relevant and attractive. Here are some points to consider while selecting an image.

  1. Make sure the picture quality is good but has less size. Large image size makes the article heavy and increases the loading time.
  2. Stay away from using duplicate images or even if you do, don’t forget to give proper credits to the image source.
  3. Don’t overfill the article with too many gifs or images, it can impact the credibility.
  4. Use “Alternative text or Alt text”, these tags are helpful as they provide a description for the image to assist Google. Make sure that you include a generous description so that SEO is optimal for both page and Google.
  5. Using attractive visual content doesn’t really require designing knowledge. Especially with image designing tool like Canva. The whole process has become time and cost saving.

4. Lack of High-Quality Content

It is a well-known fact that “Content is king”. Well-Written content is something that makes a brand outshine from rest. It is a necessary aspect that helps to position a brand in the marketplace. A quality content comprises of video tutorials, information checklists and much more. Consumers will follow your brand even more if the content that is provided to them is high in quality and relevancy. While creating content always consider consumers and SEO. Your content will automatically do well with such content.

5. Bad On-Site SEO Optimization

SEO optimization can be done in two ways On-site and Off-site. Many business owners are often seen ignoring on page Seo and focusing only on off page SEO. While creating a page, proper optimization of title and meta description tags should be done. These are snippets that we see while searching for a specific thing. Not to forget that content headings and meta keywords are crucial for every on-site optimization process. In easy language, on-page optimization helps the search engines to know what your site is all about.

SEO mistakes willimpact your website traffic so, it is recommended to keep this process error free. I hope this article helped you to know about some SEO mistakes that are commonly committed by many people. Take note of these errors and rectify them if required. In case of any doubt, do feel free to contact us through the comment section below. Thanks!



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